Monthly Archives: August 2017

One of the Most Important Things You Can Do

First Church, As you know, our vision is to see “Transformation in Christ, Changing Lives Inside and Out.” We believe this vision comes about when we seek to focus on relationships with one another by living into the 4 core practices of Inviting, Teaching, Sending, and Praying. Did you know there is one thing, perhaps more…

STEP 1 – A Disciple’s Journey

First Church, I want to officially invite you—-ALL of you—-to take a step. A significant step. A step with Jesus. When Jesus walked this earth, He always invited people to take concrete steps with Him. Jesus invited people from not knowing Him TO know Him by connecting with Him and other Jesus followers (Step 1)….

A Disciple’s Journey

First Church, I am SOOOOOO excited to share with you today. I am taking a brief break from the series of pastor pages I have been sharing with you related to the new challenges that growing churches encounter because I want to begin placing something of incredible significance on your radar.  Starting this fall we will…