Getting Started

Jesus calls to us:  “Follow me”.  In God’s grace, we are called to follow Jesus as disciples.  The life of faith makes us a new creation.  Life with Christ is dynamic and going somewhere. It is not stagnant.  We are on a spiritual journey of transformation as we grow from ignoring God toward centering all of life on Christ.  There are steps we can take on a pathway of discipleship that will help keep us moving closer to Christ.



New to First Church? Each month we provide the opportunity to join one of our pastors for a few minutes, getting to know First Church and learning about the ministries most relevant to you. Bring the kids.

  • After 8:00 service; room 206 near the lounge
  • After 9:30 service; room 206 near the lounge
  • After 11:00 Life Center service; in the back area of the worship space

Some of these steps are toward forming good personal spiritual habits; and some are steps we take as part of the Body of Christ, the church.  Either way, First Church provides opportunities for you to grow and take next steps. 


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