Lasting Legacies: Rugged Disciples

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First Church,

At First Church, we talk about having a culture defined by rugged discipleship, humble power, beautiful diversity, and a willingness to be here for those not yet here.

A few weeks ago, I saw up close and personal an absolutely incredible display of rugged discipleship that was both inspiring and beautiful. As you know, our North Campus shared in its final contemporary, 11 AM worship experience a few weeks ago. Obviously, this was not the easiest of times. Over the years our North Campus folks have developed an incredibly close-knit community. They have shared in many beautiful moments. They have loved each other deeply.

And yet—and here is the part I want us to hear—our North Campus community never made it about THEM and what THEY wanted. With incredible grace, humility, and commitment they have demonstrated for all of us a maturity of discipleship that we must celebrate and embrace. I was personally, blown away as I visited with our North Campus participants at the conclusion of their final worship service and received hugs along with hearing hopes of what God would be doing in the future. I was humbled by their trust and faith in Christ regarding next steps.

So that First Church can best utilize the resources it has, and so that we can plan on moving into future opportunities with momentum, our North Campus folks have embraced moving forward in new ways through their willingness to invest more fully into the other worship experiences that we currently have.

If they had chosen, they could have allowed their own desires to supersede the direction of the entire church. They could have allowed bitterness to foster division over unity. They could have allowed their desires to be more important than attempting new ways of reaching out.

Instead, they have literally said, “Not my will, Lord… but yours.”

And I am so very grateful.

Many have asked what our plans are for the future of the North Campus moving forward. The short answer is that we do not know exactly what will happen with that facility. We have no current plans to empty or close the building and we are exploring future ministry options for the North Campus. While we seek to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to us, and we must be mindful of some of the major costs that come with the building, we ultimately desire to see the facility best utilized for transformation in God’s Kingdom.

Thank you to Pastor Rick and all who have played a significant role at the North Campus for living such a selfless faith. Your legacy is one that has made First Church a more faithful people… and it will benefit future generations to come.


In Christ,

Pastor Matt