A Disciple’s Journey

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First Church,

I am SOOOOOO excited to share with you today.

I am taking a brief break from the series of pastor pages I have been sharing with you related to the new challenges that growing churches encounter because I want to begin placing something of incredible significance on your radar.  Starting this fall we will be giving every person connected with First Church the opportunity to consider their next of discipleship!  Something we are calling “A Disciple’s Journey.”

On the surface, this may not sound very “exciting.”  However, this will be the most significant discipleship endeavor that First Church, as an entire church, will have engaged in since we shared in Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life” close to 20 years ago!  That study was a game-changer for First Church.  I believe a Disciple’s Journey will be another one of those watershed opportunities that shapes First Church for years to come.

The concept is very simple.  All of us are involved in a journey with God.  Some of us may be at step 1 just thinking about what such a journey would look like.  Others of us are at later steps and have been on the journey with God for a long time.  But no matter what step of that journey you are on right now, “A Disciple’s Journey” will help you take your NEXT step.

Many of us would like to take our next step with God but we are just not sure how.  What if we could focus on where we are and just take that next step in a clear, intentional, focused manner?  Well, now we can!  

In the weeks to come we will lay out some of the elements associated with each of 4 Steps that a disciple of Jesus takes on their journey.  

In a nutshell, these steps relate to:

Step 1: CONNECTING to God and others (4 sessions)

Step 2: DISCOVERING what discipleship means (6 sessions)

Step 3: EMBRACING God’s call on our life (12 sessions)

Step 4: TRANSFORMING the world (ongoing)


Beginning this fall then we will be starting with Step 1 of a Disciple’s Journey and moving throughout the Fall, Winter, Spring and into next Summer with steps 2-4.  Over this next year you may take 1 step forward on this journey… or two or three.  Would you begin praying now about what step God may have you take on the journey?  And let God continue to transform us in Christ inside and out?

In Christ,

Pastor Matt