A Significant Step Toward Multiplication: Recognizing Step 3 Participants

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First Church,

Over the course of the last year, we have taken a very significant journey together toward multiplication. We have called that journey, “A Disciple’s Journey.” This journey has been comprised of four significant steps with the goal of creating multiplying disciples.

Step one involves connecting with God and with others.

Step two involves discovering God’s call on our life.

Step three involves embracing God’s call on our life.

Step four involves living a life of transformation in light of God’s call on our life.

Again, each one of these steps is geared toward fostering multiplication. Each step grows in both its intensity and commitment toward multiplication.

Today I am thrilled to share that we have 24 individuals who have completed the twelve sessions of Step 3. These individuals will be recognized throughout all of our services today. When you see them, please congratulate them. This journey is no small endeavor as they have done readings, shared in new discipleship practices, and been pushed out of their comfort zones! These individuals who have completed Step 3 have now gained a greater sense of God’s call on their life and are committed to living out that call in a specific ministry context for the purposes of multiplying discipleship. These individuals are also eligible to explore taking Step 4 of A Disciple’s Journey.

We thank God for these individuals and their willingness to respond to God’s call on their life in this way. We hope their example will inspire all of us to prayerfully discern what next step we need to take in our walk with Christ so that transformation and multiplication may occur!

Those who have completed Step 3 of a Disciple’s Journey include John Best, Kevin Bloom, Sharon Comini, Eric Durrwachter, Sean Gray, Sam Harrison, Diane Havrilla, Janet Hessert, Christine Johnson, Bob Krise, Sandy Krise, April Manley, Canda Metropoulos, Erin Mowrey, Kevin Mowrey, Tracey Mulcahy, Craig Netzley, Bob Russell, Beth Russell, Melanie Scaife, George Stauffer, Luke Stroup, Ruth Vierra, and Tom Wallace.

Please be in prayer for these individuals and again, please celebrate with them on this significant achievement. Steps 1 and 2 of a Disciple’s Journey will occur this fall, and Step 3 will start again in January of 2019.


In Christ,

Pastor Matt