We celebrate Lent to remember the journey Jesus made leading to His sacrifice on the cross, and ultimately our salvation. In our Lenten sermon series, we will intentionally focus on studying and applying the spiritual disciplines to better connect with God.

We encourage everyone to engage in some spiritual discipline to draw closer to God during this season of preparation. Disciplines include meditation, prayer, solitude, confession, submission, worship, fasting, and sabbath rest.

Any information on this page is subject to change.


Lent Worship


Imposition of Ashes | February 14, 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM | 604 Market St

One of our pastors will be present outside the Church Office door on Market Street to impose ashes before your workday begins.

Sanctuary Service | February 14, 6:00 PM | (FEC) Sanctuary — 604 Market St

Our Ash Wednesday service will hold time for reflection on our need for forgiveness through prayer, musical offerings, and the imposition of ashes.

The Nursery and sparkzone will NOT be available for this service.

Online Service | February 14, 6:00 PM | Church Online Platform 

Our Online Worship service on Ash Wednesday will be a pre-recorded experience designed with elements of prayer, scripture, and reflection.


March 24, 9:00 AM | (FEC) Sanctuary — 604 Market St

Palm Sunday is the first day of Holy Week, and commemorates the day when Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem on a donkey, defying expectations of the foretold Savior, as the citizens greeted Him with palm branches shouting, “Hosanna!”

Our children will be leading the service by parading with palms, sharing in prayer and Scripture, and in musical worship.

CHILDREN: The Nursery and sparkzone will be available at both the Traditional and Contemporary services.


March 28, 7:00 PM | (FEC) Sanctuary — 604 Market St

As Jesus knew his final days were upon Him he decided to spend it with his friends around the table, and in prayer. That will be the inspiration for our worship on this day as well. Our service will be split into two parts: first, a focus on The Lord’s Supper with a devotional and communion. Then, a focus on the Garden of Gethsemane with extended prayer time.

CHILDREN: The Nursery and sparkzone will NOT be available for this service.


March 29, 7:00 PM | (FEC) Sanctuary — 604 Market St

We will be reflecting on Jesus’ death during our Good Friday service, which will feature elements designed and led by our fuse youth. This is a solemn worship experience where we leave in silence and darkness.

CHILDREN: The Nursery will be available for children age 0-3, but there will be no sparkzone.

Going Deeper


Throughout history, Christians have practiced spiritual disciplines. Some are familiar, like prayer. And others may be unexpected, like simplicity. Some may not at first appeal to us, like submission.

This year during Lent, we will focus on exploring and cultivating six of the spiritual disciplines in our faith lives. Practices that help us become more like Jesus, and experience the abundant life that he offers.

As the weeks go on, we will be offering quarter-sheet sized cards with a brief reflection and action points you can do personally or with your family to connect with the discipline.

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Get the card here.
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February 21 – March 27 | Wednesdays, 6:30 – 7:00 AM | (FEC) Sanctuary


Communion is a meal of remembrance and a holy sacrament represented through bread and drink (which is juice for us, to allow anyone to partake). Every Wednesday morning during Lent, from 6:30 – 7:00 AM in the Sanctuary, one of our pastors will host this time to participate in the spiritual disciplines of prayer and solitude, as most of our time will be spent in silence, and participate in the holy meal of communion.

Everyone is welcome to come and go as they need.