Lent is a journey of self-examination and preparation. For Christians who observe Lent, it is a somber time to intentionally focus on repenting in response to the willingness of Jesus dying on the cross for our sake, and begins on Ash Wednesday, which is celebrated on February 26. Although solemn, there is hope that comes at end of Lent – Easter Sunday, which signifies the victory of Jesus’ resurrection, and the defeat of death, which is celebrated on April 12.

We encourage everyone to engage in some spiritual discipline to draw closer to God during this season of preparation. Disciplines include fasting, prayer, confession, seeking, solitude, and sabbath rest.



Ash Wednesday | February 26, 6:00 PM | First Evangelical Center (FEC)

Start the Journey with us this Lent! We will gather together in the Sanctuary for ashes and other opportunities to prayerfully connect to God. The Nursery will be available for children aged 3 and younger. There will be a time in the service for children to participate in a child-focused station led by our Director of Children’s Ministry, Angie Tobias.

Holy Thursday | April 9, 6:30 PM

Due to COVID-19, we’ll need to adjust our expectations for Holy Thursday so that we can be sure to abide by the social distancing guidelines. While we must honor social distancing guidelines we still encourage families to gather together by themselves at this time. Similar to the way we shared in the Holy Thursday experience last year we invite folks to share in a meal, spend time in a devotional (found in the Holy Week Devotional below), and tune in to live.firstchurch.cc at 6:30 PM so that together we can remember and celebrate Jesus’ last supper with his disciples.

If you have any questions, please contact Carol Schwanger at [email protected].

Good Friday | April 10th, 2020

Our Good Friday Service will be a Self-Guided, Virtual Experience. This experience is a blend of readings, videos, and active participation. This service does not need to be done at any specific time during the day and is designed to do easily with your family from your home. It is suggested that each household have 7 candles or 7 lamps/lights, or a combination of the 2. We will still follow the model of a Tenebrae service which means gradually darkening, by extinguishing the lights one by one during the service.


Prayer Vigil | April 11th, 2020

We recognize that during this time, there are so many in need of prayer. In addition to praying for our own church and congregation, we’ve designated some of the important ministries and places in our area that are acting as a support structure for our community during this time of social distancing. We will supply you with a list of these ministries and suggestions of ways you can pray for them. Feel free to add to the list. We would also ask that you would take a prayer walk (as able) around your neighborhood, asking God how you can be a light to your neighbors during this challenging time.


Easter Sunday | April 12th, 2020

This year, Easter is different. Everything is different. In an effort to make Easter set apart, there will be 1 recorded service that will have traditional, blended, and modern elements. We recognize that tradition, especially at Easter is important, so we are doing our best to honor each tradition. The service will be live-streamed at our usual times, 8:00 AM, 9:30 AM, and 11:00 AM at live.firstchurch.cc.




Teavotions | Wednesdays in Lent

Tea + Devotions = Teavotions. Join Mitch Marcello and Pastor Janet Durrwachter as we enjoy a cup of tea and talk about the Lenten Gospel Challenge reading from the previous week. This will be a conversation, not a lecture, so bring your questions and insights. Teavotions will be offered on Wednesdays during Lent, starting March 4.

Join us online at 6:00 PM and feel free to include your comments or questions in the chat room! Please note that you will need to sign in to a YouTube account to chat.


Morning Prayer | Weekdays at 6:00 AM | First Evangelical Center (FEC) Sanctuary

Early morning Lenten prayer will be offered every morning Monday through Friday of Lent starting March 2 at 6 AM. On Tuesday mornings, communion will also be served.




fuse* Challenge

During Lent, fuse* students are encouraged to go deeper in Lent through one of two options:

  • One Gospel Challenge – Read the Gospel of Luke as outlined in The Journey: One Gospel Reading Challenge.
  • Lent: Journey According to Luke – Log in to the Bible App and participate in the digital devotional, Lent: Journey According to Luke. Feel free to invite your friends to join you as you go along!

Children’s Ministry Challenge

The Journey: Kid’s Edition has tailored the Gospel Reading Challenges for our younger members so they can dig deeper into Scripture! Family members are encouraged to work through and discuss the questions with their children. You can find this journal here.