North Campus Update

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First Church,

Some months ago, we had a meeting at our North Campus facility to discuss possible best uses for the North Campus facilities moving forward. After hearing from those gathered, I indicated that I would give an update in the June or July time frame. We are in that time frame now and I wanted to give you an update on where we are in this process. Over the last few months, we have been having discussions with our Lead Council as well as some non-profit organizations that have an interest in using space at the North Campus. Based on these conversations, as well as continued prayer and discernment, I can share three updates in particular.

First, while there were many different ministry ideas presented at our gathering back in March, the one over-arching idea that was very evident was the desire to retain our North Campus facility and not sell the building. I can tell you at this point that we are not seeking to sell the facility. It is still being used for ministry purposes, and we believe there are future ministry possibilities to come (even if we do not yet know what all they may be).

Second, a non-profit group has expressed an interest in partnering with us in the use of the North Campus. We are still exploring the details of this potential partnership, but this partnership would not presently require the elimination of other ministries going on at the North Campus. It may require some flexibility to make the schedule work for all of the ministries, but we are confident this can be done. Once more details are known and finalized about this possible partnership, those details will be shared.

Third, the North Campus facility provides many opportunities. However, one of the spaces at the North Campus that is limited in its usage is the sanctuary. The sanctuary is a beautiful space for worship that has wonderful acoustics. However, the long, wooden pews are not user-friendly. The Lead Council believes that removing the long pews in the sanctuary space and replacing them with chairs would greatly enhance the flexibility of this space and likely lead to increased usage of the room for special worship opportunities and other ministries. The space could be used for Disciple’s Journey, other large group teaching and training opportunities, Acts Network worship, etc. We could use an additional large group space with moveable furniture. If you have any questions about this process or any thoughts related to the pews specifically, please feel free to ask any of our Lead Council members for more information. Those who serve on our Lead Council include John Best (chairperson), Doreen Decker, Ali Dinges, Steve Takach, Paul Braunegg, Carol Fausnaught, Shirley Durrwachter, Jen Rodgers, and Ed Alberts.

Thank you for your continued prayers and interest in our next steps related to the North Campus facility. We are excited to see what possibilities God will continue to open as we move forward.


In Christ,

Pastor Matt