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First Church,

As blessed as First Church has been throughout its history, we know that it is easy to become too comfortable as a church.  And with too much comfort comes stagnation, a lack of urgency, and a lack of faith to fully rely on God.  We never want to be such a church.

Beginning next week, November 6, we will be starting a three-week sermon series entitled, “Revive-all.”  This will be a series that focuses on asking God to revive all of who we are as individuals and as a Church in Jesus Christ.  We know that we cannot force God’s movement or life or growth among us.  We know that we cannot control when or how the Holy Spirit shows up.  BUT we can invite God’s Holy Spirit among us so that God’s movement and life and growth do occur.  Our hope is that God will “show up” in a significant way throughout this series.

As a way of inviting God’ Holy Spirit among us throughout this series, we are working to coordinate specific individuals who would be willing to pray during each worship service.  The idea is that while a worship service is going on, there will be other individuals who are not a part of that service who are in prayer for it.  Specifically folks can sign up for a 30 minute time period of a service or all 60 minutes of it.  This would only be for a three week period.  If you are willing, please use today’s communication card to sign up for a time to pray.

I cannot overstate how important this is.  I will share with you that I was a bit surprised that during the first week that we offered this opportunity to pray, only THREE individuals in our entire congregation signed up.  This would seem to indicate at best a lethargy towards prayer, or at worst a direct decision to not make time for it because we do not view it as vital.

Church, we must be a people of prayer.  We need to pray.  We are asking for a three week commitment at this time.  Would you be willing to invite God to come and revive us by praying in this way?

And as always, we continue to pray EVERY Friday morning at 6AM at the North Campus.  We would love to see you there as well.

Will you pray?

“Lord… ‘Revive ALL’ of who we are in you.  Amen.”

In Christ,

Pastor Matt