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First Church,

In recent years, First Church has been incredibly blessed. As we have continued to build upon the foundation of the past and to live into our vision of “Transformation In Christ, Changing Lives Inside and Out” we have experienced significant growth in the life of the church. No longer are we a church of 200, or a church of 400, but now we are a church that worships over 800 on a weekly basis. While many ministries have scaled accordingly to keep up with this growth, one area that we have not done this well in is the area of communication. Essentially, we still find ourselves communicating as a church of a much smaller size and therefore not communicating as effectively as we could for a church our size. Specifically, we have lacked prioritization of what needs to be shared in alignment with our vision. This lack of prioritization has led to a lack of clarity in our communication and dilution of each message, which then diminishes our impact in moving the vision of the church forward.

Therefore, we are seeking to better communicate as a church to all that walk through our doors, and to those in our communities that have not yet come to know First Church. To do this, we will be placing a higher priority on communicating information and details that most closely align with our vision and impact a large percentage of the congregation. This will affect all avenues of communication that First Church utilizes, such as the newsletter, social media, First Glance and other emails, the church website, and so on.

Please know that any changes that occur will happen with the goal of helping the voices coming from the church to be properly heard, and not be confusing or get lost. We want the voice of the church and the voices of the various ministries connected to the church to be heard as clearly and as effectively as possible, so that each is able to do all it can to see our vision lived out. As a result, some of the first changes you will notice will be in the presentation of the weekly newsletter. Not only will it be presented in a cleaner, more simple fashion, but you will notice that we will offer the Pastor’s Page once a month rather than weekly. This will help us to present only those elements that are most important to you in a less confusing manner.

We do ask for your prayers and patience in this time of transition. We recognize that with this growth will come growing pains; not everything will work perfectly the first time as we try to catch our communication up to the size of our church. Our hope is that through everything we do, First Church’s voice will reach farther and farther out into our community, so that more and more people can come to know the love of Jesus Christ, and the transformation found in a relationship with Him.


In Christ,

Pastor Mat